Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beat Down! Melody from PCD

1. Loose the hat quick, it makes your head look big. Full, long, loose curls would have directed attention toward that great neckline
2. Why must we use red accents for everything??? Here's a fashion freebie: Try purple or green accessories to accent basic fits. The colors definitely stand out and frankly red has been played to death.
3. Those shoes are huge problem. Too Pollyanna meets prostitute. You have fab legs.......an open toe sandal with a thicker ankle strap or a sleek pump would have been far more complimentary for the outfit and season.

Now, let's remember even the most talented stylist can only do so much. While, these suggestions would help immensely, they will not mask the fact that the dress is tragically outdated (thick stripes are so spring 06'). Mel, you're super beautiful and talented, stick to the singing/dancing thing and let a professional handle the wardrobe from now on!

Hate to do it but, you've just been beat!
Randi Astrid

Please stop already!

Okay, I'm done. This is all starting to seem like a huge publicity stunt and I'm so far beyond annoyed I'm developing a U-shaped rash!!
Apparently, Usher and the celebrity stylist who cant dress herself are together and we're all a bunch of numb nuts for thinking any different. This is them, entering the Mondrian hotel in NY this morning.
Randi Astrid


One of my fav fashion forward Brits, Sienna Miller, along with her sissy Savannah debuted their new line, Twenty8Twelve last week.
The line will be available exclusively at Neimans in L.A., Bergdorf's in NY, and Holt Renfrew in Canada. Check it out on your next spree and let us know what you think. Cheers!!!!

Pay Day = Target Tuesday!!!!

It's here it's here!!!! Common's album Finding Forever drops today!!!

So during lunch or right after that wake and bake run run run to Target and pick this one up. Target sells the new new for $10 on Tuesdays. So, you betta hurry!

Bella Love,
Erlinda Denise

Monday, July 30, 2007

Obama, the model (president)???

Alright, my pretties!!! How hot is this? For the first time in Vibe's 14 year history, a political figure is gracing the magazines cover (and looking damn good doing it). Barack Obama is acting as cover model this month and is also the subject of a dope article inside (I know the pics are fun, but make sure you READ this one.) As you know, this is a fashion based blog and I try to keep my entries relevant. Well, there is nothing more fashionable than being informed and active, particularly in our current political climate. Obama is reaching out to vibe readers and and as trendsetters'', we should be leading the pack to the polls. Please remember, Bella Beat is not endorsing a candidate as of yet, we are merely giving you the heads up on whats happenin' in the electoral world. So, here are your instructions, shall you choose to accept.......
1. Strut to the most stylish newsstand you know (outdoors of course, so you can be seen)
2. Pick up this months VIBE magazine

3. REGISTER TO VOTE: click here to handle that via the web or if you prefer do handle things vintage style or if you have never registered before, head to the DMV to fill out the required docs by hand.

Get it done now, primaries are closer than you know!

Randi Astrid

Missbehave Showing Love....

aaaaawwww check me out!!!! ....MISSBEHAVE...
Bella Love,
Erlinda Denise

No Shit!

Usher and the old chick cancelled their Saturday afternoon wedding just hours before its scheduled start time. While no official reason was given for the cancellation, sources close to the couple told PEOPLE that Ushers' mothers disapproval, Tameka's recently uncovered criminal record, and whether to serve bar-b-que or catered cuisine were at issue (lmao at bar-b-que!!). Publicists for the couple would not comment on whether the two remained engaged or even together.
Hmmmmmmm, now did we really think this would last? Seriously? I must admit I kinda liked the girl, but this was no match made in heaven. I thought there was hope when she announced her pregancy (you know.....the old "have his baby, make him stay game), but then again................
maybe NOT!!!!!!!!
Usher, call me!!!,
Randi Astrid

Saturday, July 28, 2007

KIMORA -- Life In The Fab Lane

Another reality show......can you take anymore?! Watch how Kimora Lee Simmons balances motherhood (u see them posing), runs a multi-million dollar company, Baby Phat (thanks to Russell), and spending time posing, shopping, eating, kissing & u know...with boyfriend Djimon Honsou.

Playing step-dad already...............this might be serious!!!

Life In The Fab Lane.....premieres Sunday Aug 5 8/7c on Style Network.

beLLa LUV,
sheLLy nicoLe~

Friday, July 27, 2007


So, I know that no one (myself included) pays attention to Leah Remini but.....to the best of my knowledge, wearing your menorah, upside down, around your neck is not only a fashion fumble but religious abomination.
Just a thought,
Randi Astrid

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Rihanna and Trina are definately ready for twins day at six flags! Okay, okay all jokes aside, looks like their respective stylists, Nadine V and Mariel Haenn have been spending way too much time together (probably fighting over the sales rack at Trashy Lingerie.)

-randi astrid-

Serena Williams, Naked???

Serena Williams in the final edition of Jane Magazine

This is how a "woman" should look! I'm getting tired of people calling all these pubescent boy wannabe's, sex symbols. Visable rib cages and knobby knees are not cute. Anywho, you can find Serena, Eva Mendes, Joss Stone and other disrobed divas in this months issue. Buy it! Proceeds benefit the non-profit org, Clothes Off Our Back.
Source: Sandra Rose

Curves are makin a comeback!,
Randi Astrid

Sneak Peak: Versace Hit Bag

I recently heard rumors about the new “Hit” bag by Versace. Yes folks, it’s proper name is “Hit”. Clearly, I had to see this little bag with such a presumptive name, so I did a little searching and found this…………
Not sold? Well, let’s not be hasty……….it’s hard for even the most fabulous of styles to look good in red fox fur. Here it is in Hazelnut
That’s better, but honestly, I don’t think the “Hit” is gonna much of a hit at all. Well…… maybe with the label whores (who, by the way, I have much love for). What do you think? But, while we’re talking Versace…………
Happy Birthday to me?,
Randi Astrid

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jess Alba Dumped Her Boo!

Just when I was starting to believe normal guys could pull Hollywood divas; Jessica Alba and her “just some dude” boyfriend, Cash Warren have split. Moving on Jess? Maybe we can help……Whose door should Jess kick down for her post- relationship, “what the fcuk was I thinking” fling?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


:::::::: MIC CHECK.....1 - 2....IS THIS THING ON?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!::::::::::::
So, were you shocked & a lil upset when Kat was dismissed last season on Miami Ink? Well we salute you Kat Von D. We luv & respect a chick who walks to the BEAT of her own drum!!!!! Lucky for us- we got her back ~ LA Ink: Tuesday Aug. 7 @ 10pm.

Just a few pieces of her work- enjoy!

As you can see, portraits are her sh!t::::: if u're feenin' to check out the spot & her work, I hope u live in LA or visiting soon: High Voltage 1259 N. LaBrea W.Hollywood, CA 90038. During filming, the shop will be closed to the public weekends til 9pm.
desperately seeking Kat,

Happy Bella Day, J. Lo!

Jenny Lopez's bad ass turns 37 today. Damn, is this how 37 looks these days?

A little coke will look great with that dress!

After less than two weeks away from the Promises rehab facility, Lindsay Lohan was arrested AGAIN, early Tuesday morning. This time she was charged with driving under the influence, and possession of cocaine. Come to think of it, she was booked on the same charges last week. In fact, haven’t Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, and Michelle Rodriguez all been arrested for the same shit in the past 6 months? Is this the new trend? Honeys, cocaine is nothing like leggings and cropped vests. While, they are all hugely regrettable, cocaine definitely takes the cake for this years biggest fashion mistake (trust me, white does not go with everything). Furthermore, ladies please……….next time you need a little publicity, be creative! Pull a Remy Ma and shoot your best friend

Hood Bitches Rule,
Randi Astrid

Monday, July 23, 2007

MOB and Kaws...Another Bikini!!!

So this was the first one...

and ladies!! OMG here is the next.
200 of em'...Friday July 27th... MOB
Bella Love,

Erlinda Denise

Let's Dance!

Come dance with us Thursday night...Presale tix at Ticketmaster for $12....

Update on Dime Piece!!!

We mentioned this line a few weeks ago and told you to keep an eye out. Well, nevermind. Dime Piece is here now, and they're coming hard. The website is up and the summer line is available for order. Be sure to take a look at there FEATURES section, the Dime Piece/Mila Victorious photo collab is what's up. Oh, and check back with us regarding the Dime Piece mixtape called "The Lipstick Diaries". It's bringing pussy power to the pavement and features some of my favorite artists- Kid Sister, Dj Rashida and DJ Elle


Definately a Dime Piece!
Randi Astrid

Fairfax and Rosewood

The crew spent this past Saturday at the Sinful Things block party at SLB on Fairfax and Rosewood. It was supa dupa dope. I mean, when was the last time you walked down Fairfax Ave sipping beer and other cocktails from red plastic cups? There are some hot stores over there...
Make sure you check out SLB, Diamonds, Hundreds and Mrs. Biederhof"s stores.

my fav sinful things shirt, shot of the event, and cutie pie Morgan from the Hundreds store!!!!

"LOOK! They even had rides!" (ran and lin getting their "kick push" on)

Yep, we had fun

still loaded,

Randi Astrid

RIP Tammy Faye

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Metro.Pop Magazine

the fashion magazine for the rest of us

Hey u guys, here's a magazine worth checking out. Cutting-edge layout techniques- fashion, art, design, entertainment, & celebs. These photos & articles may intrigue u....u'll want to buy, wear & create the hottest new trends & make them ur own!!!

Magazine Type: Trade Magazine

Issues Per Year: 6

Price: $5.oo US/ $8.00 CANADA - subscribe to metro.pop for $23-6 issues. Send check/money order including name/address/b-day/email to:

Metro.Pop Magazine 65 Pine Ave. # 214 Long Beach CA 90802

Omahrya Moto graces the cover- get your issue now!!!

as ALWAYS.....

beLLa LUV,

sheLLy nicoLe~

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Block Party!!!

Barbie...so sexy!

Photographer Carissa Couch is hard at work making me want to go to the Goodwill and grab all my Barbie’s back!

For you ladies like me who LOVED playing with your dolls will adore Carissa’s ability to make Barbie hott as hell…


Bella Love,
Erlinda Denise


Monday, July 16, 2007

Miami Fashion Week!

Guess what ladies………..It’s summertime. I for one, love walking around half naked and partake in said activities quite regularly (I do live in L.A.). But, for those of you who need justification for allowing your inner exhibitionist a little play time…..well, you got it. It’s 100 degrees outside. In celebration of sun worshipers everywhere, Mercedes Benz hosted Miami Fashion Weekend, and man, was it hot! Here are a few pieces from some of my favorite showings




RED CARTER (best, by far)
And a pinch of Parke & Ronen for good measure. YUMMMMMMMMMMMM

Summer lovin',

Randi Astrid